Shot Zen Darts


These sleek, front-weighted darts offer simplicity in style and dominance when it comes to performance. These Zen darts will bring the edge to your game that you’ve been looking for.

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With the 90% tungsten barrels of the Shot Zen Darts, you can slice swiftly and silently through the air to your target. These darts feature a zen-like simplicity and are shielding by a black titanium coating, which is just a few microns thick so as not to throw off the balance of the barrel. The enhanced design will allow you to earn respect by achieve pure mastery of the dart-throwing artform. The barrel is designed with micro rings on the nose to provide reliable finger placement or reference. Each barrel also features a mix of positive ring and scallop grips along its length, allowing for better throwing control. The push points of the dart sit and the front and again just behind the centre, making it a very versatile set that will adapt to a variety of playing styles.